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"Offending Smells Beware"

Having a Good Sense of Smell can be a Blessing or a Curse.

Forgotten memories of our childhood or friends and places we’ve loved can all be triggered by smells. Our sense of smell is one the most powerful triggers our memories have.
What a terrible loss it would be to lose the sense of smell.
Conversely, at the same time, having a strong sense of smell can also make us more aware of the smells we would prefer not to take in. Pet odors, garbage, solvents and glues, etc. can overtake a room leaving us forced to find ways of combating them.

Odors are simply molecules floating through our air
. Foods and perfumes give off great smelling molecules while sewage and garbage give off the opposite. When the floating molecules make it into your nose you become aware of them for better or worse.

So what can you do if you have continuing foul odors in your home?

Some solutions are as simple as taking out the trash or keeping the windows open.
But what if its not that easy?

What if opening the doors is not an option because of the weather. Besides the point that you may have spent thousands sealing your home to keep the outside out.

What if the odors you are smelling are coming from things like glues or toluene or other materials used in installing carpet or in persisting paint residues. These VOC odors can give you headaches and even cause toxcity in the body in high enough exposures and are not nearly as easy to deal with as just washing the dog or lighting a scented candle.

The solution may well be an Odor Reducing Air Purifier by Air Oasis. An Air Oasis 3000 Odor Air Purifier will create powerful oxiders that will destroy the foul odor molecules on contact.
Labtests show signifigant reductions in chemical odors and VOC’s(volatile organic compounds) in the presense an Air Oasis 3000 Air Purifier.

Whether its getting rid of lingering cooking smells, musty mold smells, or persistent chemical odors from adhesives and fuel vapors,
An Air Oasis Odor Removing Air Purifier will help you remedy the problem!


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