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AirSource 3000

Air Oasis 3000 Air Purifier

*AirSource 3000 has been discontinued.

Summary: Air Oasis uses Nano Nichel HCT PCO, an advanced version of the photocatalysis AirSource uses. Air Oasis covers the same sq. footage for less money and requires a replacement cell only once every 3 years. Airsource require a yearly module change.



Air Oasis G3 3000



AirSource 3000

Technology AHPCO! Cell: Next generation of advanced photo catalytic oxidation.  The newest technology on the market.   Photocatalysis. Standard TiO2 alone with no hydrating agent. The unit also contains no fan to move ions.
Mold Reduction Lab test results show a 98% reduction throughout the test chamber.   Lab test show the unit to be effective at reducing mold.
Reduce odors, VOC 's, bacteria and viruses Labs show odors cut in half quickly.  VOC's are reduced by as much as 98%.  Bacteria and viruses are also quickly destroyed throughout the home.   Lab test show the unit at being effective at reducing Voc's
Maintenance Replace AHPCO Cell every 3 years for $69.00.   Replace UV lamp once a year for $59.99 up to 69.99 a year. That's $179.97 up to $209.97 every three years. 
Power consumption Just pennies.   Just pennies.
Placement in home With our unique design, air enters the unit just above the base and out of the angle cut at the top.  With this design, our unit can be placed on virtually any shelf, in corners, against walls or just about anywhere.  It's artistic brushed aluminum case allows the unit blend nicely with almost any decor.   The unit is portable and can be placed throughout the home.

Meets Federal safety limits for ozone.

The FDA set the safety limit at 0.04 ppm

Our unit uses a unique nano-quad catalyst to convert ozone to safer ions.  It relies on friendly oxidizers to purify your air instead of ozone.   It creates safe amounts of ozone.


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Air Oasis G3 3000

Air Oasis G3 3000
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*AirSource 3000 has been discontinued.

AirSource 3000 cost $599.00 for Shaklee members.It covers 3000 sq. ft.

Non-members cost is $699.99
for 3000 sq. ft.

Older Air Oasis Units Available

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